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When you call Hoffmann Family Plumbing you aren’t just getting some plumber with a plunger, you’re getting a skilled technician with years of experience. From the moment we step into your home or business our goal is your total satisfaction. We want to exceed your expectations and earn your business. Give us a call when you need a professional!


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Looking for a good plumber in San Luis Obispo?

Plumbers are a lot like auto mechanics, the average person just wants a trustworthy plumbing company that can get the job done in a pinch. These days most people turn to the internet when looking for plumbing repair. The popular review sites such as Google and Yelp have to a great degree replaced word of mouth referrals. Chances are that’s how you found us! While these are very useful tools in such a busy and always connected online world, nothing can replace the advice of your family and friends. This is usually the best method of choosing the right plumber for your job. As longtime local tradesmen here on the Central Coast, we are confident that if you ask around someone you know will have had a good experience with services provided by Hoffmann Family Plumbing.

We are equipped and trained to handle all areas of plumbing repairs.

From that phantom toilet refilling in the middle of the night to a more complicated water main replacement, we are prepared and standing-by to solve any of your plumbing problems in a professional and timely manner.

Some of the most common plumbing services we provide are:



Looking for an estimate on a remodel or whole house re-pipe?

If you are facing a new plumbing project you’ll probably have time to shop around for the right plumber that will meet your needs. New construction and remodeling projects may be specific areas of expertise for many professional plumbers but these probably won’t be the ones you’re looking for in the case of an unexpected emergency repair. When remodeling your home, finding a reputable local plumbing company that will do repairs along with that remodel is always a plus. That way you will have someone capable of proper plumbing repairs and familiarity with your plumbing installations.

We have 20 plus years of experience replacing old galvanized steel and copper water lines as well as cast iron piping with the newest methods and materials including PEX, PE underground gas piping, ABS and PVC drain piping. Whether you’re considering a full bathroom remodel, a new underground gas line to an outdoor fire pit or a whole house re-pipe we will be happy to come by and discuss your options.


Please call or text Hoffmann Family Plumbing at 805-748-4324 for a free estimate of your next plumbing project in San Luis Obispo!


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