Sewer and Drain Cleaning


 Clogged Drains giving you the blues?

Okay let’s face it, drain clogs are disruptive, potentially catastrophic and often associated with foul, embarrassing odors.  We at Hoffmann Family Plumbing are used to it though. We understand that when dealing with sewer backups resulting from clogged drains, you need fast, reliable and professional service.  That’s why San Luis Obispo calls on us to clean their drains right the first time.

Although tree roots are the most common reason for a clogged sewer there are a number of other impediments that can back up your drains and wreak havoc on a pleasant and productive day. Sludge, hair, soap, grease, oil, dirt and food are all contributing causes of clogged drains, however there are other factors such as pipe deterioration due to age and even the shifting of the soil that can cause stoppages as well. This illustration below shows some of these examples in a main line stoppage. If you are having chronic sewer clogs the best way to get to the root of the problem is to have a sewer camera inspection to find out exactly what the problem is.







Maintenance For Your San Luis Obispo Drains

Sewer and Drain Cleaning San Luis Obispo

When it comes to our home or business’ plumbing, most of us put off maintenance until it’s too late. Don’t do it! It will only cost you money and cause you stress. Plumbing is just like anything else that requires regular maintenance.  To ensure that your pipes always run freely, Hoffmann Family Plumbing recommends regularly-scheduled maintenance to prevent drain stoppage.   From the dreaded tree root intrusion of a sewer main to sludge, grease, hair, soap, dirt and food found in other common piping, we will clear your drains of any obstruction.  When you decide to get your drains cleaned regularly, there is no better choice than Hoffmann Family Plumbing. Call us today for clean drains and peace of mind!

Hoffmann Family Plumbing proudly uses only top-of-the-line heavy-duty drain cleaning equipment made in the USA to clear your blocked San Luis Obispo drains.  We properly ascertain the source of the clog and use the proper tool to resolve it, enabling us to clear the most stubborn of obstructions such as tree roots, rust and sludge. Our years of experience and tireless tracking of the latest industry advances and techniques make us the only choice for San Luis Obispo drain cleaning.

Preventing San Luis Obispo Drain Clogs

Any number of things can clog your drains and destroy your plumbing.  Hoffmann’s Plumbing has seen it all.  Here are a few pointers to help prevent drain stoppage in your San Luis Obispo home or business:

  1. Keep your drains clear of dirt. Excessive dirt leads to sludge.
  2. Let the water run when using your disposal unit.  Food gathers around the drain and attaches to grease and oil creating clogs. San Luis Obispo restaurants: call Hoffmann Family Plumbing now to find out how we can help you prevent downtime and work outages!
  3. Drain and wipe all oil and grease from pans. Do not wash it down the drain or put oily dishes in the dishwasher.  Disposal and dishwasher clogs are too common and can be avoided. Save money and stress!
  4. Regularly clean your washing machine’s drain, and if you can, install a dedicated drain. Let Hoffmann Family Plumbing tell you how. Call us today for drain cleaning and maintenance!

Clear Your Drain! Clear Your Mind!

Clogs happen…even under the best of circumstances.  If  your drains are backed up, Hoffmann Family Plumbing uses only cutting-edge equipment operated by the most professional, experienced plumbers in San Luis Obispo.  When it comes to any and every kind of drain problem, we’ve cleared it!  We are your emergency drain cleaners for home or business!

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